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Your Transfer Credit Evaluation:

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Maryland.

If you have transfer credit from another institution (including AP, IB, or CLEP credit), here is where you will find preliminary information about the status of your credits. You may begin accessing your transfer credit evaluation online ten business days after accepting admission to UMD. Coursework from some institutions, like Maryland community colleges, may be accessed sooner if it was sent electronically. Once posted, your evaluation will display courses from previous schools that have been evaluated up to this point in time.

As you look over your preliminary information, you will see that certain courses have been articulated to specific equivalents on our campus. Others may fulfill general education requirements (noted with codes such as "D," "SH" or DSHS). Still others may appear without any additional notation besides the fact that they were awarded credit. This is normal and means only that these courses are still under a closer review by the campus. Rest assured that research on them is already being done and that every effort will be made to provide a comprehensive evaluation before you register for classes at orientation.

It is important for you to know that your transfer evaluation is an ongoing process that sometimes continues through your first semester at College Park. While your advisor will finalize the applicability of most of your evaluations at Orientation, a very small percentage of evaluations may change if new information regarding this coursework comes to light during the semester. For this reason, it is important for you to check back on your transfer credits online at least once at the end of your first semester to see your final evaluation. Any courses showing credit which are still "blank" at that time have been evaluated as "electives." If you need further clarification, see your College advisor.

When looking at your evaluation, please note the following:

  • Descriptions of what each two-character CORE or four letter GENED code means can be found by clicking on the blue hypertext codes in your evaluation page.
  • No more than 60 community college credits (or a combination of 90 from both 2 and 4-year institutions) are applicable to a major at College Park. The only exception to this is in programs requiring more than 120 credits for graduation (see advisor for details).
  • Grade posting is for information only. Grades transferred are not used in your College Park cumulative GPA.
  • Generally, college-level courses from regionally accredited institutions transfer when similar in scope and content to courses offered here. Grades of C- or higher are required, although we accept D- grades from Maryland public schools.
  • Professional, technical/vocational, internship/externship, and remedial courses will not transfer.
  • Special Topics and Independent Study courses require syllabi if you need a more specific evaluation.
  • Be sure to send final transcripts for any coursework that was "in progress" at the time your original transcripts were sent to UMD so that your record may be updated. Most schools do not send additional transcripts for you unless specifically asked.
  • Be sure to read carefully our transfer policies if you fall into any one of the following categories:
To access your transfer credit evaluation online:
  • Step 1 - Wait at least ten business days after you have accepted your admission to UMD, then go to your unofficial transcript.
  • Step 2 - Input your directory ID and password (originally set to the 6-digit mmddyy of your birthday). Since you must change this number the first time you log in, be sure to write your new password down and bring it with you to Orientation.
  • Step 3 - View/print your evaluation.
For answers to most of your frequently asked questions about general education requirements, AP/IB/CLEP credit, and access to an online database of over 300,000 courses throughout the U.S. and how they transfer to College Park, simply follow the button categories at the top left of this page. For more details, check out the FAQ section available on the web.

Other Problems? Who to contact:

  • If you wish to verify receipt of a new transcript which does not show up yet on your online evaluation or to correct a transcription error, please contact Records and Registration Services directly to inform them.
  • If you want to appeal the departmental evaluator's decision on one of your courses, and would like to have a course re-evaluated, send the syllabus to the Transfer Credit Center via email at
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